I love writing and publishing books. So, I offer services that help with nearly every step of this process for busy business executives, such as yourself:

Business Book Ghostwriting

Following the process outlined on this website, I collaborate with you to take your brilliant idea… unique expertise… or compelling business story and turn it into an engaging book authored by YOU.

Business Book Editing

If you have a completed manuscript that just needs a good going-over, polishing, and fine-tuning, I can help you create a business book that’s both professional and appealing to your readers.


Business Book Coach

Do you want to write your book on your own and just need advice along the way? I can be involved in the process as much as you need me to be.

Self-Publishing Help

I can recommend cover designers, guide you through the copyrighting process, and refer you to book formatters (who prepare your book for upload into Amazon, Nook, Kobo, etc.). The process can be quite time-consuming, so I can even take it on for you – and get your book up for sale across the Web with you barely lifting a finger..